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Biography, Pentti Hokkanen

One half of photography takes both artistic and technical abilities, the other half is psychology.”

Photographer Pentti Hokkanen. Roots in Savo-Karelia and rock music. He was supposed to become a nuclear physicist rather than a photographer. He started experimenting with photography and stayed on that road since he quickly noticed that photography is more (of his story) than theoretical studying. 

Pentti was an active photographer already during high school, participating in all kinds of cultural activities. Diverse action between different art forms created a fruitful foundation for his future career.

After working for many years as a photography laborant, Pentti also started studying photography, graduating from Lahti Design Institute. In the beginning, Pentti photographed a lot of rock musicians and pop culture. At the beginning of the 21st century he became more like a commercial photographer. Many communication and advertising needs of the companies became familiar. Combining the style of music photos with business world, Pentti brought a new kind of style to traditional stiff way of posing in corporate/business pictures.

Lot of work together with charismatic people in the music industry developed Pentti as a portrait photographer. He does not get nervous in the shooting situation, no matter how famous the client is. “Ossy Osborne and Risto Siilasmaa” among with many others have been in front of his camera. The model should be respected but not feared of.

Pentti is also fascinated by everyday events. Everyday life is a celebration and celebration is art. Capturing everyday life is fascinating. He feels he is both a journalist and an advertiser - a photographer with strong social skills and emotional intelligence.